Ciara Slammed After Taking Her 3-Month-Old Daughter On A Waterslide

Pop-titan Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson recently took their family on a fun trip to China with their 3-month old daughter Sienna Princess and 3-year-old son Future Zahir Wilburn. They did a lot of sightseeing, embraced the culture, went to Disneyland Shanghai, enjoyed local cuisine, and went down the toboggan slide at the infamous Mutianyu Great Wall of China. A number of her social media followers were upset that Ciara would bring her 3-month-old daughter on a ride like this at such a young age. 


One called her decision "ridiculous". 


“Isn’t this too dangerous for a new born," wrote an Instagram commenter. "It may be fun but doing this with an infant to your chest is not smart at all.”

Among the negative comments, there were positive ones as well. 


Another commenter came to the couples defense:

"I really wish people would think before they speak. Ci and Russ would never put their children in any kind of danger. They are going really slow, they control the speed. And the baby is strapped to her mother, in the carrier... So calm down it's not that deep."

What do you think of Ciara's decision of taking her 3-month-old baby on the toboggan? Dangerous or fun for the baby?


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