Corey Pegues On Turning His Life Around From The Streets To The Police


Corey Pegues knew he had a story to tell. He grew up hustling on the New York City streets selling drugs trying to make a living for himself and his family. He listed in the U.S. Army, served his country, and became a police officer when he returned. Corey knew he had a story that he wanted to influence others with, so he started journaling. The years of journaling eventually turned into his book, Once A Cop: The Street, The Law, Two Worlds, One Man. Corey's book tells the story of a young misguided teenager who made bad choices and went on to change his life, become a positive American citizen, and how he rose to the top of the largest police force in the country. Once A Cop. consists of the stories from the police force which he gathered from his years of journaling. 

Corey opens up about how haters motivated his success. In his book he expresses his gratitude for the tremendous amount of hate he received, which motivated him to work even harder to get his book published. Corey explains how his story is transformational, and nothing in the book makes him seem like a 'thug cop', which was how he was portrayed on cover of the New York Post.

The hardest part of writing the book for Corey? Thinking of a title! The full title reads; Once A Cop: The Street, The Law, Two Worlds, One Man. He thought of over 100 titles before picking the one that he felt was right. 

It's inspiring for many out there to hear Corey's story. Through his own will power, initiative, and belief in himself he was able to turn his entire life around and spread his positive influence on others through his work in the police force. 

Once A Cop gives the reader a true glance at life on both sides of the law, at first as a criminal, and eventually into a law enforcer. Corey's honesty about the poor choices he once made and how he got his shot at redemption makes the memoir edgy, yet captivating and you won't want to stop turning the pages until it's over!


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