Jamie Brenner Gets Why You're So Obsessed with Beach Books

The Public Library Podcast is all about juicy beach reads and nothing is better to get you in that summer state of mind than Jamie Brenner’s THE FOREVER SUMMER. After an incident forced her to leave a prestigious Manhattan legal career, Marin Bishop is on the verge of a breakdown. After a DNA test reveals a long-buried secret of her half-sister, Marin agrees to meet the grandmother she never knew she had at a quaint beachside B&B in Provincetown. THE FOREVER SUMMER is an emotional page-turner that puts love, truth, and family to the ultimate test of strength. Nothing like a good family secret to promote intrigue for the readers! Jamie’s summer must-read will have you reaching the end before you know it. 

Jamie nailed writing from multiple points of view because her integration is so seamless and flows perfectly in and out of each character’s space and their world. Her writing style will make you feel like you are actually trapped inside the character’s minds! Helen was happy to learn that this is how all of Jamie’s books are written, as she incorporated this into her first novel, THE WEDDING SISTERS. Jamie’s writing style is so different because she can only tell a story through multiple points of view! During Jamie’s appearance on The Public Library with Helen Little,  you will learn all about her unique writing style and how she comes up with such captivating storylines.

Setting is also another important factor in THE FOREVER SUMMER. Why set half the book in Provincetown, you may ask? “To me I feel like, ok if you’re going to torture these characters and have them deal with all this emotional stuff such as love and loss and parents and kids, then just stick it in a beautiful setting and to me -that’s what I want to read so that’s what I want to write. To set the book in an idyllic setting with the complications of adult life, it just makes sense in every way.”

If you're looking for the perfect emotional rollercoaster of a book that will leave you wanting more and more, than THE FORVER SUMMER is right up your alley! This memorable tale of love lost and found, secrets hidden and revealed, and complicated family ties will stay with you long after you close the book. 

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