Manicurist Shares Warning This Could Be a Sign of Skin Cancer

A woman has shared to Facebook to warn people to be vigilant about this little-known sign of cancer. Beauty technician Jean Skinner of East Sussex, England posted a photo of her client's with a black line running down the middle, claiming that it can be a sign of melanoma — otherwise known as skin cancer. Skinner said that the client came in asking for a nail color dark enough to cover the line, thinking that it was nothing more than a "lack of calcium" or a blood blister. Since posting, the message has been widely shared and Skinner isn ow urging people to pay attention to any odd changes resulting in their nail beds, despite them being "nothing to worry about".

You can read the full post below.


Next time you're questioning something on your doctor, get it checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry!


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