'This Is Us' Cast Reveals How They Kept Jack's Death A Secret

Don't read the below unless you have watched the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us!  You'll thank us later. 

Everyone's favorite TV show This Is Us made an emotionally supercharged return to the air last night after a six-month hiatus. We were able to see a huge piece of the "How did Jack die?" mystery last night in the premiere. A flashback to the night of his death showed the Pearson house burning down to its frame, indicating Jack's death is somehow related to a house fire. We are so happy that the mystery is finally solved, as the show's creator Dan Fogelman told CNN that the fire is directly responsible for Jack's death. 

Even though we've learned this, many pieces of the puzzle remain unsolved. Fogelman promised that all of these small details we learned in the premiere will fully explain the events leading up to Jack's death, but it will be a "slow-burning mystery". Literally!


Meticulous planning went into the final minutes of the premiere. What fans saw was very much the plan since the start of This Is Us. Keeping the deadly fire a secret for this long has not been easy for the starring characters! The This Is Us team traveled several hours out of Los Angeles to film the burning house scene in order to keep it completely under wraps. They created a replica of the Pearson house, used code words and kept anything related to the show hidden from the public eye as much as possible. This took six months of planning total to pull off! Fogelman said he is relieved that the secret is finally out in the open after protecting it for so long.

This theory had been the one of many floated by This Is Us fans since the mystery of Jack's death in Season 1. The most popular theory had Jack dying in an automobile related accident, which proved to be false. 

What else is in store for season 2? Some major singing moments from grown-up Kate, more from Randall and Beth's adoption journey, a guest apperance from Sylvester Stallone, and a deeper look into Jack being a loving father and a caring husband. 

"There's always a darker sided to the lighter side," Milo Ventimiglia teased. "There are reasons why he does these things and that's what we're going to unpack."

We cannot wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!



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