Jason Mraz To Star In 'Waitress: The Musical' On Broadway

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is making the jump on to the Broadway stage! The two-time Grammy Award winning singer whose hits include "I'm Yours" and "I Won't Give Up" will make his Broadway debut in the hit musical, 'Waitress', starting November 3rd!

Mraz will play Dr. Pomatter, a gynecologist and Jenna, the main character's, love interest. He’ll have several duets with actress Betsy Wolfe, including the steamy “Bad Idea,” the adorable “It Only Takes a Taste” and the aching “You Matter to Me.” 

“It’s classy, it’s classic, it’s whimsical, it’s kitsch, it’s funny, its scandalous — it’s got a little bit for everyone,” said Mraz on his new role. “I love that I get out of my routine and try on a new routine that requires me to show up in a different way.”

Sara Bareilles, the writer of all the songs in the film, reached out to Mraz persoanlly to ask him to take the part. “I think Jason’s personality just lends itself to this character,” she said. “He is incredibly charismatic and incredibly sweet and soulful. He’s also really funny and really smart.” After thinking it over for a day, Jason was in!

Mraz went on to express his love for Sara, the music, and the plot of the show. "I think Dr. Pomatter is a very likable guy even though he's somewhat scandalous in the plot," the singer said. "His songs are so enjoyable to sing."

He hopes he lives up to the hype and we think he'll do an amazing job!

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