Anastasia The Musical In Our DDICL

The cast of Anastasia The Musical joined us in our DDICL for an exclusive listening party of the shows' music as well as interviews with the cast!

Johnny Stellard, who is in the ensemble of Anastasia The Musical, talked to Garrett Vogel about how meaningful it is to be apart of this play, reminisces on his audition, and more!

Mary Beth Peil plays Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna from Anastasia and Garrett had a blast talking to her about her love for the show, how she unwinds after a performance, and more juicy behind the scenes tidbits! 

Stephen Flaherty is one of the songwriters for Anastasia! He discusses his creative process behind writing the songs, how he felt about writing new music for the musical that wasn't in the film, and more.

Nicole Scimeca is making her Broadway debut in Anastasia! She talks to Garrett about her favorite song on the album, how it feels to play young Anastasia and Alexi (Anastasia's younger brother!), and how it felt to meet Lin Manuel Miranda!

Take a look at some of the photos from our amazing event with the cast of Anastasia!

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