Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow Talk "Leave It To Beaver" 60 Year Reunion


Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow stopped by 106.7 Lite fm to talk with Christine Nagy about the 60th Anniversary of the show that made them household names!

It’s hard to believe that Leave It To Beaver has been airing for 60 years, but it’s true. Dow and Mathers have remained close over the years, as well, bringing their brotherly bond from the small screen into their real lives. They love seeing the boundless success of Leave it to Beaver, as well as encountering new fans who have just discovered the show. 

While acting is how they both got their careers started, both Mathers and Dow revealed they’ve followed other artistic pursuits. Dow is a talented sculpture artist, while Mathers has pursued music and a career as a radio DJ. Throughout their lives, though, they’ve kept their experiences working on Leave it to Beaver close to their hearts. They reminisced on some of their favorite episodes, including the first episode to ever premiere, as well as their experience with other actors on set. They believe that Leave it to Beaver was so special because it was the first show to really tell a story from a child’s perspective. It’s great to see Wally and Beaver together again after all these years. Their bond is truly special and it was great to chat with them about the 60th anniversary of Leave it to Beaver!


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