Chloe Benjamin Reveals Which The Immortalists Character is Her Favorite


Chloe Benjamin stopped by the 106.7 Lite fm studios to appear on The Public Library with Helen Little podcast. Benjamin just released her sophomore novel The Immortalists, which is taking the literary world by storm. The novel asks it's reader to consider how they would live their lives if they knew the date of their deaths? She does this by weaving an intricate narrative about four siblings that spans the course of their entire lives. As children, Varya, Daniel, Klara, and Simon seek out a gypsy in New York City who is rumored to be able to predict when a person will die. Upon learning their death dates, the four children go vastly different journeys to cope with this information. 

Each of the Gold children gets their own section of the novel, which depicts how each of them was uniquely affected by learning the date of their death as a child. When asked which of these characters was her favorite to write, Benjamin gave a surprising answer. She revealed that she holds a special fondness for Daniel, which may surprise some readers. (Those of you who have already read The Immortalists know why.)

Chloe also revealed that she's already started work on a third novel. While there are no concrete details about this upcoming third book, we're such fans of Benjamin's first two novels that we already know we're going to love it! 


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