Shark Week In NYC

People wait all year for the most anticipated week of television: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Shark Week begins on Sunday, July 22nd. This year is the 30th anniversary of the annual franchise with eight days of shark-tastic specials. Shark Week allows you to marvel at the magnificence of Great Whites, watch the agility of Bull Sharks, and discover other types of sharks you have never even heard of. Shark Week sheds light on shark behavior and misconceptions about the animal. It becomes addicting to watch and learn about these creatures. We wish Shark Week was longer than just a week! To help celebrate the event, we’ve compiled a list of things to do and see around New York City to celebrate the wondrous creatures.

1.  Visit the New York Aquarium

There is a brand new exhibit this year: Ocean Wonders: Sharks!  Located in Coney Island, the new 800,000-gallon shark exhibit features 18 different species of sharks that you can observe in an unforgettable experience. You can learn about the way sharks breathe, eat, reproduce, and more. Walk your kids through the glass tunnels to become familiar with the magnificent creatures.

2. Take a trip to Times Square to see National Geographic’s Encounter: Ocean Odyssey. 

“Dive into an ocean of fun in the heat of Times Square without getting wet.”  The encounter uses technology that transports you under the sea using photo-realistic animation. Learn more here.

3. Watch Sharks in the City: New York

This special premieres on July 25 at 10pm. It looks like we may have some new neighbors returning after they went away for decades. Should we be concerned about this one? We may not be thinking about sharks in New York, but they are thinking about us!

4. Go to Build-A-Bear

This franchise is featuring shark week exclusive plush toys! You’ll probably never be able to huge a real shark, but you can hug your Build-A-Bear.

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