How To Make A Difference This Holiday Season With UNICEF

The CEO of UNICEF, Caryl Stern, took time out of her crazy traveling schedule to visit the LiteFM Studio before the holidays and educate us about the goals and practices of UNICEF.

For those who don't know much about UNICEF, Caryl Stern explained, "UNICEF does whatever it takes to save a child and to ensure that child gets a childhood. And then that that child has the opportunity to thrive. It is about the basics, food, water, sanitation, child protection, but it's also about education, it's about ensuring that they get opportunity for a better life. Kids don't get to pick where they're born." No matter what race, a child is a child, and UNICEF strives to improve the lives of children around the world.

As we talked more with Caryl, we heard stories from her time traveling that emotionally impacted us. UNICEF has our support! Watch our full interview above and learn more about Caryl's first hand experiences.

This holiday season, think about all you have and be thankful. Click here to make a donation to UNICEF.

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