Boy Survived Organs Outside Of Stomach Thanks To NYU Langone

Bob and Christine sat down with the Cahill family who shared their son Patrick's life-saving experience at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital after learning that all of his organs were outside of his stomach during his mother Angela's pregnancy. 

Other than the fact that all of Patrick suffered from Omphalocele, he was a healthy baby, and mother Angela was able to carry him to term. Upon birth, Dr. Ginsberg operated on Patrick. He went through 4 surgeries and stayed in the NICU for 2 months all while the doctors and nurses worked to fit his organs back into his stomach. 

The family felt that they were in the best hands possible, at NYU Langone. The whole staff gets involved and supports every single patient. Patrick is now a happy and healthy 11 year old, oldest of 3 and loves sports!

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