Bikini-Clad Woman Pulls Creepy Creature From Bottom Of Lake With Bare Hands

With some gorgeous beaches along its shoreline, Alabama sees its fair share of people in bathing suits, but very few of them wind up with their arms swallowed up by massive creatures. However, Hannah Barron isn't like most people. The 23-year-old has become a celebrity in the world of noodling, a fishing technique where a person only uses their bare hands to grab aquatic animals. Hannah's favorite activity is heading to a murky lake, disappearing under the water and coming back up with her arm deep in the mouth of a giant catfish. Thankfully for her, catfish don't have any teeth, but they are still pretty strong, which makes her ability to yank one up all the more impressive.


In fact, Hannah's so talented that she's amassed a following of over half a million fans on Instagram, where she posts photos of some of her latest catches.


This summer, Hannah beat her personal record, snapping an enormous catfish that weighed a whopping 67 pounds.


Hannah lets most of the fish she catches go, but not always. She has plenty of catfish recipes too. You can follow her here.

Photo: YouTube/HannahBarron


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