Here Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes In Every State

Friends in creepy costumes having fun at Halloween party

If you need inspiration for your Halloween costume this year, you've come to the right place. With a little help from AT&T Savings, we know the most popular costumes in every state. Whether you want to be on trend or beat to your own drum, you'll know what everybody in your state is thinking of dressing up as.

Using Google’s top Halloween costume list from 2018 and some new trending costumes, AT&T Savings checked current Google Trends for a projected outcome of 2019’s most popular costumes per state. Here's what they found:

  • Americans are projected to spend more than ever on Halloween this year—reaching 8.8 BILLION dollars. The average shopper will spend about $86.27 with costumes as their biggest expense. 35% cite online search as their top source for inspiration.
  • 43% of states are dressing up as heroes and villains this year, while most state’s picked traditional heroes, Texas picked Chucky the evil doll. 
  • We put Fortnite in the Heros & Villains category, it broke records last year with $2.4 billion in revenue. No wonder 5 states, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, and West Virginia picked this video game as inspiration for their 2019 Halloween costumes. Be on the lookout for some iconic Fortnite dance moves when you’re out trick or treating this year. 

Here's the full list of most popular Halloween costumes in every state:

Alabama: Cheerleader

Alaska: Bear

Arizona: 1980s

Arkansas: Superhero

California: Witch

Colorado: 1980s

Connecticut: Mouse

Delaware: Black Panther

District of Columbia: Black Panther

Florida: Angel

Georgia: Black Panther

Hawaii: Mermaid

Idaho: The Incredibles

Illinois: Batman

Indiana: Fortnite

Iowa: Fortnite

Kansas: Batman

Kentucky: Fortnite

Louisiana: Cheerleader

Maine: Pumpkin

Maryland: Black Panther

Massachusetts: Mouse

Michigan: Batman

Minnesota: 1980s

Mississippi: Cheerleader

Missouri: 1980s

Montana: 1980s

Nebraska: Fortnite

Nevada: Clown

New Hampshire: 1980s

New Jersey: Batman

New Mexico: Wonder Woman

New York: Mouse

North Carolina: Pirate

North Dakota: 1980s

Ohio: 1980s

Oklahoma: Batman

Oregon: 1980s

Pennsylvania: Mouse

Rhode Island: Superhero

South Carolina: Black Panther

South Dakota: Ninja

Tennessee: 1980s

Texas: Chucky

Utah: Spider-Man

Vermont: Fairy

Virginia: Black Panther

Washington: Rabbit

West Virginia: Fortnite

Wisconsin: Ninja

Wyoming: Dinosaur

What will you be dressing up as this year?

Photo: Getty/AT&T Savings