The Alternate Routes Talk Performing Our Hope For The Holidays Radiothon

The Alternative Routes stopped by Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital for our Hope For The Holidays Radiothon. After they performed, they sat down with Rich Kaminski to talk about giving back.

“We always tried to make our music about giving back and people relating to one another. I’m proud to be here. There’s a lot taking place, there’s a lot of good work, a lot of hard work and the thing we are here to do is inspire people to take part. It’s $20 a month to be a Bright Light and that’s why we’re here. We believe in the cause and we believe in the outcome. I know what it’s like to have sick little ones now. So even more than usual, I’m tuned into what they’re doing here, to make people better.”

They also mentioned,“We are a Connecticut based band, so not too far away at all. The band’s be based in Bridgeport Connecticut for the last bunch of years. We make our way into New York City in the past few years. We’ve done a few events with LITE FM over the past few years. And when we were asked to be here today it was an easy yes and we were glad to be asked.

Click the video above to watch the full interview!

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