NHL Player Shoots His Shot At Anna Kendrick, Fails, Gets Help From Twitter

Anna Kendrick has it all. The 34-year-old actress is not only talented - she's been in everything from Up In The Air to Pitch Perfect to the new Disney+ flick Noelle - but she is also gorgeous, intelligent and incredibly quick-witted. It's no wonder that men and women across the globe are pining for her. In fact, some even make their love for her public, like hockey player Anthony Beuvillier. The 22-year-old left wing for the New York Islanders must have watched Anna in Noelle on Christmas Day because he spent the holiday shooting his shot at her. However, rather than enticing her with something witty or compelling, he simply tweeted, "Hi @AnnaKendrick47."

Twitter recognized how weak hit attempt was and came to his rescue to make him seem a little more interesting and desirable:

A former Islander even got in on the fun:

Sadly, it doesn't seem like the support helped - Anna hasn't responded. To make things even worse for Anthony, Anna is rumored to have been dating British cinematographer Ben Richardson since 2014. At the very least, hopefully Beauvillier has learned how to shoot his shot a little better.

Photo: Getty Images

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