Divers Find Abandoned Underwater Strip Club

From centuries-old shipwrecks to sunken treasures, divers never know what they might find in the ocean's depths, especially when they are looking in more populated areas. Well marine biologist Gil Koplovitz was diving off the coast of Israel when he discovered something he never imagined he'd see - an abandoned underwater strip club. Koplovitz was in the ocean near the end of a long dock when he came across the huge, rusted, windowed structure. After peering through the glass, he was shocked to find an interior that was remarkable clean. While there weren't any tables or chairs, one thing was very recognizable - a stripper pole.

Gil took a bunch of photos and posted them to a gallery on Imgur:

Gil, who typically researches underwater creatures, took the time to research the structure. He learned that it used to be a restaurant but the eatery wound up closing down. At that point, it was transformed into a strip club. At the end of the dock Gil was diving near there is apparently a locked door that leads to a staircase. At the bottom of that staircase is the entrance to the underwater club, which was named Nymphas Show Bar. No word on when the place shut down... or why.

Photo: Getty Images