Adam Levine Jokes Wife Would Punch Him If He Asked For Another Baby

Adam Levine wants to prioritize his wife Behati Prinsloo when it comes to expanding their family.

In a new interview, the Maroon 5 frontman, 41, said that Prinsloo, 31, is not pregnant and likely won't be in the near future. "I think if I asked her to have another baby right now she’d punch me in the f**king face, because she's not ready," he joked, adding, "We’re good. We’ve got two kids."

Levine and Prinsloo are currently parents to Dusty, 3, and Gio, 2, but the pair prompted speculation about a third due to a recent post on the latter's Instagram account. In late March, Pinsloo had to set the record straight about the black and white photo, which resembled an ultrasound. "Guys. This is not an ultrasound lol," the Victoria's Secret model wrote. "Dusty got hold of my phone and somehow posted this picture from my photo library i thought it was weird and cool and left it up. But everyone is now congratulating me on my 3rd pregnancy 😂 it’s a close up of my black and white splatter sweat pants!"

Nonetheless, that doesn't change the fact that the couple don't agree on how many children they want. In May 2019, Prinsloo told Ellen DeGeneres that her partner wants five kids. "I thought I wanted five, but now I think maybe, like, three or four. Adam can’t have everything," she joked of changing her mind. "I'm carrying them."

Photo: Getty Images

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