Netflix Drops Holidate' Trailer—AKA Your New Fave Christmas Rom-Com

It may feel like Christmas is still a ways off, but it will be here before you know it—especially when Netflix is already dropping trailers for their new holiday movies. The streaming giant has us thinking t may be time to start busting out those Christmas lists already.

On Tuesday (September 29), Netflix premiered the first look at Holidate starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. While Holidate features plenty of holidays other than Christmas, the movie kicks off during December and follows the main characters for an entire year.

Here's the official synopsis for Holidate from Netflix:

Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson (Bracey) hate the holidays. They constantly find themselves single, sitting at the kids table, or stuck with awkward dates. But when these two strangers meet during one particularly bad Christmas, they make a pact to be each other’s “holidate” for every festive occasion throughout the next year. With a mutual disdain for the holidays, and assuring themselves that they have no romantic interest in the other, they become each other's perfect plus-one which leads to some hilarious and provocative hijinks. However, as a year of absurd celebrations come to an end, Sloane and Jackson find that sharing everything they hate may just prove to be something they unexpectedly love.

A Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch and The Knight Before Christmas are tough acts to follow, but this looks like a solid entry into Netflix's holiday rom-com catalogue. Will you be streaming Holidate when it hits Netflix on October 28?

Photo: Netflix

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