Remembering Johnny Nash, Singer of "I Can See Clearly Now"

This feel good is about an evergreen song that has been around for nearly half a century and will live on forever. It’s by the late and great... Johnny Nash. The singer, songwriter, actor and producer who crooned his way into our hearts with his feel good song, “I Can See Clearly Now” 

Nash was in his early 30’s when the song topped the charts in 1972. He was blessed to live over 5 decades in show business. He became a rare singer adding his reggae flavor. His influence was so amazing, he helped launch the career of his friend, Bob Marley! His son, Johnny Nash Jr. announced that his father passed peacefully at home of natural causes this past Tuesday at the age of 80. Thank you Johnny Nash for your music, your memory lives on with this beautiful song...

Posted by a fan named Carolyn Darley on YouTube: 

This song was a hit when I was 12 and I had a mad crush on him. 15 years later, I was at a party and a guy asked me to dance, I was gonna say no (I was waiting for another guy I was dating to show up..he never did) but, when I looked at him, He looked like Johnny Nash!! I said yes, he whispered in my ear and long story short..we were married for 22 years and he is still my best friend!! Rest in powerful peace Johnny. I hope that entertainers know that their songs affect our lives in sooo many ways.