MTA To Phase Out MetroCards By 2023

New York City's Metro Transit Authority will completely phase out MetroCards by 2023.

On the final day of 2020, the MTA announced the roll out of the OMNY "Tap and Go" contactless payment systems in all five boroughs at all 472 subway stations, on all 5,800 buses and at Staten Island Railway. The system allows riders to use bank cards, smartphones and smartwatches to pay their way through the turn styles. The next phase of the OMNY project will be the installment at Metro North and the LIRR - expected to arrive in 2022.

The OMNY system first went live in 2019 and over 35 million taps have been recorded since. By 2023, MetroCards will be completely phased out with the arrival of the OMNY Card - an option available to purchase for those who do not have a smart phone or bank card. The OMNY card will use the new technology, but function similarly to MetroCard with fare options comparable to what is available now - including reduced fares and student fares.

Will you miss the MetroCard?

Photo: Getty

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