Starbucks Is Testing A Borrow A Cup Program To Help With Single-Use Plastic

Over the past few years, Starbucks has been making strides to reduce its footprint. One way the coffee chain is doing to is moving towards the elimination of single use plastic. As Earth Day (April 22) approaches, Starbucks announced a new project that will help them reach that goal.

The coffee company has launched a new 'Borrow a Cup program' for its customers. This program aims to incentivize customers to receive their drinks in a reusable cup that they can later return to Starbucks. The reusable cup will then be sanitized and put back into circulation for future orders. As of now, the 'Borrow a Cup' program is being tested at five Starbucks locations in Seattle.

In order to participate in the new program, customers will simply have to order—either in person or via the app—and pay a $1 refundable deposit to receive their drink in the reusable cup. When the customer next returns to the store, they will have to scan and drop the same reusable cup in a contactless return kiosk. The deposit will be added back to the Starbucks Rewards account. Customers who participate in the program will also receive 10 bonus Stars in their accounts, as well, each time they order the reusable cup.

"We understand the interdependency of human and planetary health, and we believe it is our responsibility to reduce single use cup waste," said Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Kobori in a statement. "We will lead the transition to a circular economy."

Starbucks plans to cut its waste in half by 2030, while Starbucks Korea aims to completely eliminate its single-use cups by 2025. Would you participate in the 'Borrow a Cup' program?

Photo: Getty

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