Mom Of Twin Hassenfeld Patients Explains The Importance Of Donations

Samara Sweig joined Helen Little during our Hope for the Holidays Radiothon to chat about her experience as a mom of twins who were patients at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital.

Samara Sweig gave birth to twin girls, Tilly and Ivy, at just 28 weeks. Doctors at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospitals cared for the twins around the clock for several weeks.

Sweig explained why donations to Hassenfeld Children's Hospital are important, “Hassenfeld is the best in class. Everything needs money to survive and certain organizations need more money to survive than others. We are very fortunate to have this type of Children's Hospital in the New York area. It’s the type of hospital that not only has and exceeds medical standards and provides top-notch care, but also provides service to patients and families at the center of the service. I’m not living in New York City right now, but if anything ever happened I would get in the car and drive right to Hassenfeld.”

Samara, thanks for sharing Tilly and Ivy’s story, and how you have paid it forward through the Sala Family Advisory Council. Now, its your turn. Please call 1-800-222-1067 or donate here and become a Bright Lite.

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