Two Children Gave Up Christmas Presents To Donate To Hassenfeld This Year

This is so heartwarming!

Jenna (11) and Ryan (9) are two young children from Garden City, NY who do not want a lot for Christmas, but want to pay it forward. They want to donate the money they have received as gifts and donate to Hassenfeld Children's Hospital and to inspire other kids as well.

“For Christmas we didn’t really want much. And we didn’t really need anything so me and my sister were thinking what is something we can do? And we thought, let’s help people. So we found out about Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital and wanted to donate to them”

Jenna and Ryan are so amazing. We’re so appreciative of your support, and you’re such an inspiration to kids of all ages listening now.

Please call 1-800-222-1067 and become a Bright Lite.

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