Selena Gomez Is Feeling The Love In Flirty New Single 'Love On'

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Selena Gomez is feeling fun and flirty in her new single "Love On," a shift from her last track "Single Soon" that was more of a breakup bop.

Gomez dropped her latest single on Thursday (February 22) along with an accompanying music video that captures the fun vibes of the flirtatious tune. The video begins with a French narrator speaking about love while the camera moves up a staircase to show several couples kissing. The camera continues to pan up until we see Gomez, who looks striking in a hot pink dress and holding a French bulldog.

The video is full of vibrant colors and striking scenes, such as Gomez decked out in a glamorous black dress and hat lounging on a green couch in a perfect recreation of the artwork hanging above her. Another scene sees her surrounded by dancing ballerinas in white tutus as she herself is in a beautiful white dress and bright red pointe shoes.

Gomez switches up her usual vocal styling in the verses, choosing more of a speak-singing approach as she details how she wants to love on her new beau. The chorus is as catchy and fun as the visuals, with her gleefully singing about loving up on her partner, "Wait 'til I turn my love on/ I'm no cheap thrill/ I'm a rollercoaster ride, baby jump on/ Come on, come on/ Cause baby if you can't tell, you're what I wanna love on."

The video ends Gomez living the kind of French Riviera vacation we all dream of, relaxing in a hotel room along the coast in a white robe and matching sunglasses, enjoying breakfast and looking out at the sunny sea.

Check out the music video below.

Gomez has likely been feeling extra flirtatious thanks to her new relationship with Benny Blanco and has not shied away from loving on her beau since the pair went official, sharing sweet backstage photos from awards shows as well as cuddly mornings in bed together.

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