Actor Chris Gauthier Dead At 48

Agent Cody Banks After Party

Photo: Getty Images

Actor Chris Gauthier, best known for roles in 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Smallville' and 'Eureka,' has died at the age of 48 following a battle with an unspecified short illness, his management confirmed in a Facebook post.

“When his wife reached out to me yesterday with the news, I wept tears of disbelief for hours. It’s taken me til now to fully mentally and emotionally steel myself to write this," TriStar Appearances' Chad Colvin wrote.

“Chris was the literal textbook definition of a character actor," he added. "You may not have known his name but you knew his face, you knew his voice, and you knew that if he was onscreen, you were in for a helluva ride. Whether he was standing toe-to-toe against Clark Kent on ‘Smallville’ as the Toyman (pictured), tormenting Dean on ‘Supernatural,’ on deck with Hook as Smee in ‘Once Upon A Time’ or in guest roles in the countless other productions he was in, he ALWAYS gave it his all when the camera was rolling."

Gauthier's was also credited for television roles in the shows 'Harper's Island,' 'Sanctuary,' 'A Series of Unfortunate Events,' 'Legends of Tomorrow,' 'Charmed' and 'Joe Pickett,' as well as film roles in '40 Days and 40 Nights,' 'Agent Cody Banks' and 'Freddy vs. Jason.' The Canadian actor is survived by his wife and children.

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