Drew Barrymore's Daughter Uses 'Playboy' Cover Against Her In Arguments

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Drew Barrymore is not too keen on the idea of her daughters wearing crop tops just yet.

According to Page Six, the actress shares two beautiful daughters, Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, with ex-husband Will Kopelman, and one has already expressed a desire to wear crop tops. During the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress was joined by friend and fellow 90's fashion icon Christina Aguilera who shared a similar opinion on the crop top craze. When questioned about her attire, Barrymore's daughter refers to her mother's 1995 Playboy cover where the actress posed in a crop top and underwear.

“My daughter wants to wear a crop top. I’ll say, ‘No,’ and she’ll go, ‘You were on the cover of Playboy.'” Aguilera also has a daughter who is a big fan of the trend, despite the 42-year-old mother-of-two's hesitation.

"My daughter wants to wear a crop top, too, and I’m just like, ‘Can we just pull it down?’ I see myself doing that.” The two stars reminisced past magazine covers, zooming in on one in particular where Aguilera was featured in revealing chaps. Aguilera, mother to daughter Summer, 9, and son Max, 16, relayed that she does not regret a single outfit that she's worn.

“We were expressing ourselves and how we felt was best for us I think, at the time.” Both standouts agreed that they loved all of their fashion phases, and that they did it for themselves regardless of what others thought. Aguilera is most concerned about Summer's relationship with clothes in respect to knowing herself and being proud of her body.

"I think I always try to instill in her that, you know, certain people out there have good intentions and bad intentions. I think it's important for her to have a strong sense of self but also to be very empowered with her body. I want her to just really know herself first."

Barrymore and Aguilera also discussed how to feel sexier, details surrounding their first meeting, and more during the full interview.

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