Dr. Oz Talks Halloween And The Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo


Dr. Oz dropped by the Lite FM studio to talk with Cubby and Christine. Oz talked about how he gets ready for the volume of trick or treaters in his neighborhood, and it's not by giving away apples! “We have these big garbage pails full of candy, which by the way, we get through. I debated for a while whether we get big pieces of chocolate or lots of small ones. And I realized that if the kids can literally shovel it out, which they do, the kids get many different varieties of candy.”

Oz will be at iHeartMedia's Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. At this free expo people can learn about about wellness, healthy living and eating, fitness regimens, health insurance options and more.

Click the video above to watch the full interview!

Cubby and Christine Mornings

Cubby and Christine Mornings

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