The 2019 Hess Tow Truck


Justin Mayer, the General Manager of Hess Toy stopped by Lite FM to talk to Cubby and Christine about this years Hess Toy Truck!

Mayer stated,"It’s a great challenge. Our design process can take years, sometimes up to 6 years. Until something feels like it really is amazing amazing and better than we’ve done before we just don’t do it. This year, 55 years in the making, because it has been asked for since the beginning of time. It’s finally here, the first ever Hess tow truck. It’s actually the Hess tow truck rescue team. It’s a team because it’s not just one tow truck, it is two tow trucks. The big truck starts as a flatbed and it actually transforms into full tow truck with both a regular tow and a wheel lift tow truck. We actually 3 different towing things. When we talk about doing better than ever, we’re not just like ‘oh we finally have a tow truck’ we have a tow truck that tows three different ways with cool triple towing action. It’s pretty amazing!"

Click the video above to watch the full interview!

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