Jewel Shares How To Cope With The Uncertainty Of 2020

After years of studying mental health, Jewel has some advice for all of us struggling through the uncertainty of 2020.

The singer-songwriter told Cubby and Christine, “Don’t waste a good disaster. If things are hard, dive into them and learn everything you can. Do it to the best of your ability because it’s happening either way.” Additionally, the mental health expert advised to stay away from the new and to do your own research online to form your own opinions.

Jewel had a very trying upbringing following her mother’s departure at the age of 8. After making the decision to leave the rest of her family at the age of 15, Jewel says she made it her life mission to pursue happiness.

Later, Jewel shares her favorite Christmas tradition, talks about ‘Pieces Of You 25th Anniversary’ release on November, 20, and her hopes for 2021. Watch the full interview in the video player above.