Hess GM Justin Mayer Reveals 2020 Hess Truck Salutes Frontline Workers

Hess Trucks have become a Christmas tradition for many, including us at LiteFM! Hess Truck General Manager, Justin Mayer, reveals that the 2020 Hess Trucks salutes the frontline workers who have shown nothing but bravery throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayer tells Cubby and Christine, "Obviously this is the year that you want to be really recognizing all of the frontline workers in the healthcare system and the EMS and everybody who's responsible for helping out during the pandemic. We're really happy to have an ambulance this year that helps us really lean into that and be so thankful for all those who are able to support us throughout this time. It's the first ever ambulance in our 57 year history... It's pretty realistic. It has four realistic sirens, almost 100 lights so this thing really lights up the room and for all of those who really need peace on earth this time of year we have our first ever mute button."

This year has been difficult and Hess recognizes that with the tribute to all of our healthcare heroes. Check out how this awesome ambulance works and learn more in our interview above.