Meghan Trainor Reveals The Most Terrifying Thing About Becoming A Mom

A new baby and a new Christmas album: at least something positive has come out of 2020 for Meghan Trainor!

The pop singer chatted with Cubby and Christine about creating her new Christmas album, A Very Trainor Christmas. Throughout quarantine, her entire family got involved with the project, lending their talent in many different areas of the album. Trainor revealed that it wound up being the most fun project she had ever worked on!

Later, the mom-to-be shared what she is most nervous about when it comes to being a parent, “I think I’ll be okay because my husband is so hands-on. He's going be fighting me to change the diaper. He's so excited, I think I'm going be really lucky with him, but I have a phobia of snot and spit. There's this tube thing that you have to buy to suck out their snot. It's like the most terrifying thing to me.” Cubby assured Meghan that once it's your kid, you're not scared anymore!

Watch Meghan Trainor's full interview with Cubby and Christine in the video player above and check out her new Christmas album A Very Trainor Christmas - out now!