Survivor Corps Talks Support and Research For COVID-19 Long Haulers

Christine sat down for a very important conversation with Survivor CorpsDr. Natalie Lambert and Diana Berrent about the long haul effects of COVID-19.

Founder Diana Berrent explained that she started Survivor Corps after being one of the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, “I started Survivor Corps on March 24th of last year with the mission of mobilizing an army of survivors to donate their plasma, but moreover to support science in every way possible. That means taking part in every study. Anything that you could to contribute to the body of knowledge that would lead to an understanding of what was going on in people's bodies and specifically by mid-April we were finding that people were not recovering. That's when we also became a patient advocacy group because we realized very quickly that surviving COVID did not mean recovering from COVID. It's still yet to be determined what percentage of people develop long COVID."

Later, Dr. Lambert explained when a COVID-19 patient is considered a long-hauler and which symptoms they may experience the most.

More information and support can be found here. Watch the full interview in the video player above to learn more.

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