Sebastian Maniscalco On Returning To Live Shows & Being Away From His Kids

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco sat down with Cubby and Christine to talk about what it's like returning to live shows and being away from his children after spending so much time with them over the last year and a half.

Maniscalco describes what it is like heading back out on tour, away from family, after being home through the pandemic, "It's a balance now that I'm out on the road. People ask of do you go out on the road and come back to your family in three months? I'm coming back every week because I have a two-year-old son. I was gone for four days and I came back and he's like a man now, I'm like when did this happen? He's talking more and he's walking around with a swagger, he's got beautiful tan... I go, how long was I gone?"

The comedian is finding the perfect balance between work and family time. Later, Maniscalco reveals inspiration for his comedy often comes from personal things, so sometimes family time and events are also necessary for his comedic material.

Check out Sebastian Maniscalco's full interview with Cubby and Christine in the video player above.

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