#DearDelilah ... Happy Valentine's to You & Yours!

I hope you have a beautiful, special Valentine's Day this week with the ones that you love.

Notice I said the "ones", not the "one." Why? Because when we make Valentine's Day only about a sweetheart or a romantic partner, we cheat ourselves out of all the abundance of love in our life.

I've always advocated for sharing expressions of love with family, friends, kids, even complete strangers. That's what the Delilah show is all about! And don't forget, the foundation to loving others is belief and love of self

I hope you treated yourself just as sweetly and lovingly as you feel others deserve to be treated - You are worth it!

Thank You for taking the Love Challenge with me... and let's not let the Love Challenge end just because Valentine's Day slowly shows up in our 'rear view mirror.'  Let's keep that Love Light burning for all time!  Just one more way to Love Someone!

Speaking of "Love Someone" .... this week, when you have a chance, catch up on all my Podcast series "Love Someone With Delilah" ... the media player below features all of them. Download, Listen, Share & Enjoy!

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