These Words Are Leaving Parents Stunned After Dropping Kids Off At College

We came across our friend and co-worker's post on Facebook the other day that left us stunned. He wrote the most beautiful words after he left his daughter at her new college dorm. From one parent to another, we're sending hugs during life's transitional moments. It could be a number of things, watching your kids grow up, hitting the next stage in their life, or saying goodbye to your parents when you move out, maybe even watching your parents move away too. We want to share the beautiful words written by our daddy friend who is feeling it right now:

"Writing this as my flight is crossing into California.

My daughter is in Texas, a freshman in college. I just left someone 1,300 miles away whose smile makes my world and whose pain I feel in my core.

How can a heart be so full and so empty at the same time?

I was cool when I said goodbye at the airport. Not so much right now.

I’m excited to see the person she becomes.

I just wish I could fast forward and lose the empty pit in my stomach."


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Get Inspired By Creator Of The "SheSez" Podcast Linda Grasso
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