Tesla's New Electric Truck Has Over 200k Pre-Orders


Elon Musk recently released some pretty exciting news about his all new invention, the electric truck by Tesla Motors. The CyberTruck is an up and coming all-electric battery operated truck. Yes, that means it will need a giant plug to charge up to drive approximately 250-500 miles. People seem to be on far sides of the spectrum, you either love it or hate it. Some of the jokes to come out of this have been pretty hilarious (see below.) It's definitely got people talking, so much so that pre-orders have already surpassed 200,000 people! That means, at least 200,000 interested seekers have placed a $100 deposit to prove they're interested.

You may have seen the viral clip of the truck's unveiling, it's supposedly unbreakable window glass splintered twice when hit with a metal ball. The Cybertruck starts at $40-grand and will be in production next year.

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