Laurie Gelman Talks 'Class Mom' and Upcoming Sequel


Laurie Gelman stopped by The Public Library with Helen Little to chat about her debut book Class Mom. After starting out her career in broadcast journalism, Gelman became inspired to pen a novel and we're so grateful she did. Class Mom is one of the funniest books we read all year. Gelman seamlessly brought her readers into the world of her main character and narrator Jen Dixon, a former groupie with a rebellious streak. After raising two college aged daughters on her own, Jen finds herself back on the class mom circuit with her five-year-old son Max. 

Gelman takes us through a year in Jen's life as a kindergarten class mom in Kansas City. She has to deal with an old flame, moms obsessed with allergies and looking like Real Housewives, and sexy teachers.  It's impossible not to fall in love with Jen and laugh along with her through all her ups and downs.


With Class Mom being such a breakout success, it's hard to believe that Gelman didn't even want to write about being a class mom at first. When her agent first suggested the idea, Gelman revealed she had no interest in the subject. Once she got home, though, she immediately wrote forty pages and realized the material really was speaking to her. Now she's working on a follow up to her hilarious debut novel with the working title Class Mom Again. It takes place a few years after the first one and will show us what became of some of our favorite characters. We're counting down the minutes until we can get our hands on the sequel! 

Helen Little

Helen Little

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