LA Smith Talks About Fukushima on the Hudson with Helen Little


LA Smith chatted with Helen Little on the Public Library podcast about her novel Fukushima on the Hudson. In this stunning novel, Smith images an alternate reality where a Fukushima-scale nuclear meltdown happens only a few dozen miles from New York City. Fukushima on the Hudson is a fictional, eco-political thriller based on a very real threat to the city of New York and the United States as a whole. 

The novel is narrated by three characters, including Kristin Kellogg a dairy farmer from rural New York state that finds herself swept up into a dangerous Washington conspiracy. Kristin teams up with a jaded news reporter to expose the conspiracy. It's also narrated by 62-year-old senator who's also involved in the environmental conspiracy. 


Smith talks to Helen Little about her masterful thriller and more on this episode of The Public Library. Listen to the full episode above for more about this completely enthralling environmental thriller. 

Helen Little

Helen Little

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