Got Bored Kids? Create A Video Show! [WATCH]

Sheltering in place gets old real quick for adults and that can be even quicker for kids. I've heard the "I'm bored" chant more times that I can count from my mini best friend, Ava. So as an incentive to get her school work done and be on good behavior, I told her we'd create a cooking show together. Since she's obsessed with YouTube, I did my best to create something like the shows she watches, starring HER! I further engaged her by showing her how to cook her favorite dish--macaroni and cheese. And it was de-lish! She absolutely loved the whole process; shooting the video, cooking, and dining on something she made herself. I had the video edited to add a title and credits so it looks like a legit video show, Cooking With Ava. And to add more cheese to the noodles, she's kind of gone viral!

Check out her video. Maybe even try the same recipe. Here's the link.

If you've got a bored kid in your house maybe give something like this a try.

Photo and video credit: Helen Little

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