Susie Block Casdin On What Makes Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital Unique

Susie Block Casdin sat down with Rich Kaminski during our Hope for the Holidays Radiothon to chat about what makes Hassenfeld Children's Hospital so unique!

Casdin is a Trustee of NYU Langone Health, co-chair of KiDS of NYU Langone, an advisory board that supports Hassenfeld Children's Hospital, and all-around champion for LITE FM’s Hope for the Holidays Radiothon. 

Casdin explains, "The staff at the hospital from the doctors the nurses, it just makes us unique. We have a method of family-centered care that I think is actually unparalleled anywhere at any children's hospital and I visit a lot of them and there's some really amazing Children's Hospitals all over this country and in certain places in the world. I would just say that the incredible focus on the family and the kids. From the base level of the most Cutting Edge kind of care that you can access and the disciplines that we are focused on but then you add to that this family-centeredness. Getting the parents involved getting the kids involved and the interplay between the faculty the doctors and the nurses and all of the kids and residents its really incredible. it leads to these amazing relationships that become lifelong… Here at Hassenfeld. I see the doctors nurses and staff actually learning from the kids and learning from the families and that two-way street of information. We have our family Advisory Board ,we have our, children's patient Advisory Board and so you have this constant bettering of the system that comes from this interface between the families and the staff."

Thank you, Susie! Join Susie and all of us at 106.7 LITE FM and give hope to kids at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital. Call 1-800-222-1067 and become a Bright Lite today.

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