How Far Actors Will Go For Their Dream Role

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy talk about what is acceptable in the name of art and what is crossing the line. Plus, the buzz on Broadway's Pretty Woman: The Musical.

As an actress, Christine Nagy touches on the struggle of auditioning for shows and getting rejected. She discloses that it is extremely difficult to remember the reason you auditioned in the first place after countless rejections.

Later, Christine and Michael discuss how far is too far to get a dream role. They talk actors sleeping directors to get a specific part and being pushed to tears for the sake of the show.

Michael says, "In the hot house environment of creativity a lot of things can be said - a lot of painful stuff happens, but sometimes you have to go through that to get that performance, to get that show in shape."

What do you think? How far is too far in show business? Find what Christine and Michael think in this episode of "In The Wings:"

Photo: Pretty Woman: The Musical / YouTube



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