Kenya Gipson

Kenya Gipson's (Coach Kenya) path to health and wellness was born from her own personal struggles of balancing a healthy lifestyle as a busy parent, creator and entrepreneur. She is a certified wellness coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Motivated by exercise science, research and a means to find an effective way to train the mind and body she created E.A.S.E. (Energizing, Active, Strength, Exercise).

Kenya has worked with many health and wellness brands such as Muscle Milk, Fit Water and is a Brand Ambassador for The Gap’s athleisure line Athleta. As a Lifestyle and Wellness Influencer, she has been featured on the Today Show, been recognized as one of New York's "Women Who Mean Business" honorees and leads wellness initiatives for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, CRUNCH and Athleta.

Follow Kenya on Instagram @coachkenya


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