Yusuf Myers

Yusuf Myers, Founder and Creator of the PRX brand, is a fitness visionary and one of the top innovators in the fitness industry. Yusuf breaks down barriers and creates customized lifestyle programming which promotes community and changes lives. Rated one of the top trainers in North America, Yusuf can be found regularly in issues of Men’s Fitness magazine teaching America new exercises and how to work out safely and effectively.

 In 2011, Yusuf was also featured as one of the leading personal trainers on the nationally televised MTV show “I Used To Be Fat,” which depicted the weight loss journeys of people who’d battled obesity since their early childhood. As a motivator and role model, Yusuf has a unique connection with his clients that stems from his own personal journey towards wellness.

His passion for fitness, combined with his understanding of both individual goals and his keen understanding of anatomy has helped him create some of the most comprehensive training programs to date.