Producer Jamie With "What's App?" Get Free Prints!

Producer Jamie Here! Every Monday, I Give You A Hot Trending App. Today's App Is Called "Free Prints."

Ever have to delete pictures off your phone to make room for new ones? Then you send them to the cloud, but do you really ever look at the, again?? This app is the perfect solution for that! With "Free Prints", you can get 85 prints a month sent to your house for FREE. That's 1,000 per year!

What's even cooler? That you don't need to sign up for a subscription and you ONLY pay for shipping & handling. You just connect to Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Photo-stream, your phone picture album and more and pick the exact pictures you want. 

I tried it last week, the pictures were sent to my house in less than a week and were beautiful quality! Happy printing :)

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