Crazy First Dates: "Brenda & The Minivan"

In case you missed this "Crazy First Dates," Brenda was picked up in a minivan on her first date... what could go wrong? One of Brenda's friend's brother really liked her so he suggested that they all go on a group date. There were 5 of them in total and they decided to go to a local bar for some drinks. The date was going really well at first! The drinks were plentiful and the conversation was great. Then, the group decided to move onto a karaoke bar. At the karaoke bar, the guy who was interested in Brenda was becoming more and more drunk and overly emotional. When they finally decided to leave the bar, this guy was now wasted. He wound up pushing Brenda out of the way to throw up and you'll never believe what happened next... 

Find out the ending to this crazy date and listen to the full episode here:

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