Crazy First Dates: Lisa & The Jerk

In case you missed this "Crazy First Dates," Lisa went to a basketball game and did not sit with her date. Although she is not into basketball, Lisa agreed to go to a Knicks game with one of her coworkers. When they met at Madison Square Garden, her date revealed that he had upgraded his ticket and was no longer sitting with her. He assured her they would meet after the game and spend time together. Lisa was disappointed, but she tried to understand and went to her seat alone. When the game was ending, Lisa made her way to their meeting point to make sure she was on time to find him. When she got there, it looked like he had been waiting a while for her. He revealed that he couldn't stand watching the game because it was so bad and he was starving so he went to get food by himself. Lisa was shocked and it got even worse after that! Find out how this crazy date ended by listening here:

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