Crazy First Dates: "Cathy & The Vodka Guy"

On this "Crazy First Date," Cathy thought her date was going extremely well until her date started drinking before noon... Cathy met her date online and after emailing, texting, and then talking on the phone, they decided to meet for coffee. Everything was going well. He was handsome, well dressed, he had a very sexy Hungarian accent. He even revealed that he had been in the Olympics- Cathy was very impressed! After coffee, he suggested they walk to grab lunch somewhere since it was approaching noon. Cathy agreed and on their walk, he asked if he could take a shot of vodka out of a little bottle that was in his pocket. Skeptical, Cathy said it was fine assuming that he was just nervous on his first date. When they got to the restaurant, he threw back 3 more vodka on the rocks. This was becoming a little concerning!

You'll never believe what happens next, listen here:

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