Crazy First Dates: Jose Overseas

In case you missed this "Crazy First Dates," Jose went to Prague, met Elina, and asked her to marry him THREE DAYS LATER! Jose's friend was going to Europe to sell medical equipment. He asked Jose if he could go with him to translate for Spanish clients they were meeting in Prague. 

On their time off, the pair of friends went to a train station with a couple of people from their hotel. They had to pick up a new worker, Elina, and bring her back to the hotel with them. While they waited for Elina to get off the train, suddenly, and Jose quotes, " a goddess with a beautiful innocent face and gorgeous green eyes" stepped off the train. Jose fell in love with Elina immediately and asked her to marry him 3 days later. What is even crazier is that she said YES! HOW could this possibly work!? Does Jose really even know her? Find out if this love story continues to be just as magical by listening here:

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