Crazy First Dates: "Joan & The Toupee"

In case you missed today's "Crazy First Dates" Joan, at 18 years old, ended up on a date with a gentleman that was a quite bit older... Joan started her first job on Park Avenue when she was only 18. One of her coworkers, Sherry, convinced her to go out with this guy who always passed by her job. Joan agreed, went home and got ready with a cute little skirt and shirt and waited for her date to pick her up. When her date came over, she noticed he had a old was this guy!? He took her to an extremely fancy restaurant and he ordered a bunch of fancy things; this man had money!

On their way home, her date offered to take her to his NYC penthouse. Joan declined, and her date pulled over. Frightened, Joan looked around and started noticing the car had furry seats and hearts on the walls... You'll never believe what happened next! Listen to this Crazy First Date here:

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